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Colorado Headwaters Solar Co-op

Open to residents of Grand and Jackson Counties

77 members of 75 member goal

Co-op closes to new members on October 16, 2020

Headwaters Solar Co-op offers homeowners solar at a group rate, BecauseSolar to serve group and Mountain Parks Electric to offer incentives

Friday, August 7, 2020

Grand and Jackson Counties, CO –After a competitive bidding process facilitated by Solar United Neighbors (SUN), members of the Colorado Headwaters Solar Co-op have selected BecauseSolar to install solar panels for the group. 

Forty-four homeowners and business owners have joined the solar co-op since it launched in June. They have received expert guidance from SUN, a nonprofit working to make solar energy more accessible.

SUN issued a request for proposals to local installers on July 8. A committee of co-op members selected BecauseSolar to install solar systems for each co-op member.

BecauseSolar was selected because of their local experience across residential and commercial projects, providing a diverse offering of equipment options and competitive pricing,” said Jake Schlesinger, a member of the selection committee. “After a tough and thorough decision process, I believe BecauseSolar has the most to offer our solar co-op membership.”

BecauseSolar will provide each co-op member with an individualized proposal based on the co-op’s group rate. By going solar as a group and choosing a single installer, members can save on the cost of going solar and have the support of fellow group members and experts at SUN. 

“We couldn’t be more thrilled at the opportunity to work with Grand and Jackson County residents in helping them meet their solar goals while allowing BecauseSolar to fulfill our mission in propagating the widespread adoption of solar energy,” said Eric Hinckley, founder and chief executive officer of BecauseSolar.

The solar co-op is open to new members until October 1st. It is free to join and open to anyone in Grand or Jackson County who is interested in going solar. 

In addition to joining the co-op, solar supporters have an opportunity to support it by making a tax-deductible donation to the associated challenge match. Donations from the community will receive a 50 percent match from an anonymous local donor, up to $5,000. Plus, if the campaign raises $5,000, the donor will provide an additional $1,000 toward the co-op work.

More information is available at:

As new solar owners, co-op members will be able to take advantage of the programs and incentives from Mountain Parks Electric, the utility serving Grand and Jackson Counties.

Benefits for solar owners include:

  • Solar owners whose household or non-profit entity has an income of $70,000 or less can apply for a solar rebate through the Green Power Program.
  • Solar owners can spread the cost of installation over multiple years by adding the monthly cost to their electric bill. 
  • Excess electricity not used by the solar owners is compensated at the full retail rate of electricity from the grid. This is called net metering.
  • Control electricity costs with the optional time-of-use rate. If a customer uses energy outside the hours of 5:00 and 10:00 p.m., when power is less expensive for Mountain Parks Electric, they pay 35% less than the standard rate.
Co-op launched
June 10, 2020

Co-op organizer

Bryce Carter
Colorado Program Director
Solar United Neighbors

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