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Closed to new members

Maricopa County Solar Co-op

The co-op was residents of the Phoenix metro area and Maricopa County.

208 members of 200 member goal

Co-op closes to new members on June 3, 2022

Maricopa County Solar Co-op selects Green Muscle Solar to serve group

Friday, May 13, 2022

The Maricopa County Solar Co-op has selected Green Muscle Solar to install solar panels for the 150-member group. Co-op members selected Green Muscle Solar through a competitive bidding process and a comprehensive review of the bids.

Co-op members selected Green Muscle Solar because of their competitive pricing, quality components, and local experience.

The co-op is open to new members until Friday, June 3 for residents of Maricopa County. Those interested in joining the co-op can sign up here. The solar co-op is free to join and joining is not a commitment to purchase panels.

Green Muscle Solar will provide each co-op member with an individualized proposal based on the group rate. By going solar as a group and choosing a single installer, members can save off the cost of going solar and have the support of fellow group members and solar experts at Solar United Neighbors.

Maricopa County Solar Co-op releases RFP, announces upcoming events

Monday, April 11, 2022

On Monday, April 4, the 44-member Maricopa County Solar Co-op issued a request for proposals (RFP) from area solar installers. The group members created the co-op to save money and make going solar easier, while building a network of solar supporters. Sponsors of the co-op include MariSol Federal Credit Union, Poder Latinx, Vote Solar, City of Scottsdale – Green Building Program, CHISPA AZ, and Raza Development Fund.

Upcoming events for the co-op include an information session – presented in Spanish – on April 13 at 6pm (RSVP here), an information session – presented in coordination with Scottsdale’s Green Building Program – on April 28 at 6pm (RSVP here), and an in-person meet-and-greet at MariSol Federal Credit Union on May 11 at 6pm (RSVP here).

Local installers interested in serving the group can download the RFP and response template here. Residents of Maricopa County who are interested in joining the co-op can sign up at the co-op web page.

The solar co-op is free to join and joining is not a commitment to purchase panels. Co-op members will select a single company to complete all of the installations. They will then have the option to purchase panels individually based on the installer’s group rate. By going solar as a group and choosing a single installer, members can save up off the cost of going solar and have the support of fellow group members and solar experts at Solar United Neighbors.

Solar co-op launches for Maricopa County residents to go solar together. Local justice groups applaud the co-op for bringing affordable solar to Latino and other underserved communities.

Monday, March 14, 2022

Phoenix, AZ –Today, nonprofit group Solar United Neighbors (SUN) announced the launch of the Maricopa County Solar Co-op to help residents go solar.

“The co-op will enable Maricopa homeowners and business owners to join the growing community of people saving money by harnessing solar power,” said Bret Fanshaw, Arizona program director for Solar United Neighbors. “Together, we’re building a movement to transform our electricity system into one that is cleaner, fairer, and shares its benefits more broadly.”

“Everyone—including the Latinx and lower income communities—should have the opportunity to local, clean energy that will help combat climate injustice and help our communities for future generations,” said Melissa Martinez Climate Justice Organizer for Poder Latinx. “We’re excited to have the solar co-op here in the valley and work with Solar United Neighbors to make this accessible to a wider audience.”

The co-op is free to join and open to homeowners and business owners in Maricopa County. Together, co-op members will learn about solar energy and leverage their numbers to purchase individual solar systems at a competitive price and top quality.

“We believe in energy justice, and rooftop solar is a necessary component of that future,” said Yaraneth Marin, Interior West Regional Director for Vote Solar.  “Solar co-ops empower communities to make local economic decisions, choose an affordable energy source, and lower their utility bills. We are eager to see this solar co-op bring equitable solar solutions to Maricopa County.”

The MariSol Federal Credit Union, Raza Development Fund, Poder Latinx, City of Scottsdale Green Building Program, Vote Solar, and Chispa are partnering with Solar United Neighbors to promote the co-op. There are a number of ways to finance an investment in solar. For this group, MariSol Federal Credit Union is offering a low-cost financing option for solar installations.

“MariSol is on a mission to promote clean energy by helping more people see the value of going solar. That is why MariSol is partnering with Solar United Neighbors and creating the affordable Green Solar Loan,” said Robin Romano, CEO, MariSol Federal Credit Union. “Solar is more affordable and more available in Maricopa County.”

“Using renewable energy systems allows our community to become more independent and less reliant on greenhouse gas emitting fossil fuels,” said Anthony Floyd, City of Scottsdale Green Building Program Manager. “The Scottsdale Green Building Program supports the Maricopa Solar Co-op as an affordable path towards on-site renewable energy generation.”

“At Raza Development Fund, our mission is to create better opportunities for the Latino and poor communities across the country through supportive tools like affordable lending,” said Melissa McDonald, Chief Operating Officer, Raza Development Fund. “Solar energy is another great tool to boost the local economy and lower utility bills. We believe solar energy can play a significant role in supporting the future growth of our communities.”

“Community solar projects are a crucial step in our state’s path towards a just and equitable transition” said Sawsan Abdurrahman, Clean & Green Campaign Manager at Chispa Arizona. “Solar co-ops empower our communities to collectively shift to an affordable and clean energy source, making the shift to clean energy more accessible. We are excited for the launch of the Maricopa County co-op and the collective power it will bring to our communities.”

After a competitive bidding process facilitated by SUN, which remains vendor neutral, co-op members will select a single solar company to complete the installations. Joining the co-op does not obligate members to purchase solar. Instead, members will have the option to individually purchase panels and electric vehicle chargers based on the installer’s group rate.

SUN has hosted nine solar co-ops in Arizona since 2019. According to the group’s estimates, the 266 homes and businesses that now have solar panels because of co-ops represent: more than two thousand kW of solar power, $6 million in local solar spending, and more than 37,000 metric tons. of lifetime carbon offsets.

SUN will host several free information sessions in English and in Spanish to educate community members about solar energy and the co-op. Individuals interested in going solar can sign up for the co-op or one of the upcoming information sessions at the co-op web page

Information meetings are planned for:

Monday, March 21 at 6 p.m. – English language
Register HERE

Wednesday, March 23 at 6 p.m. – Spanish language
Register HERE

About Solar United Neighbors
Solar United Neighbors is a nonprofit organization that works in Arizona and nationwide to represent the needs and interests of solar owners and supporters. Solar co-ops are part of the organization’s mission to create a new energy system with rooftop solar at the cornerstone. Solar United Neighbors holds events and education programs to help people become informed solar consumers, maximize the value of their solar investment, and advocate for fair solar policies.

Co-op launched
February 28, 2022

Co-op organizer

Bret Fanshaw
Arizona Program Director
Solar United Neighbors

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