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Mesa County Solar Co-op

Open to residents and businesses within Mesa County. Those outside of Mesa County may apply, but may be subject to additional fees from installer based on distance.

221 members of 120 member goal

Co-op closes to new members on September 1, 2020

Solar Story: Adcock Concrete

Friday, August 7, 2020

Adcock Concrete in Grand Junction, CO, shares why they went solar and what it’s meant for their bottom line.

We’ll help you put solar on your home or business, too. Get expert guidance and a group rate, with the Mesa County Solar Co-op!

Co-op Member: Grand Valley Greens

Friday, August 7, 2020

Grand Valley Greens in Loma, CO, is going solar with the co-op! Learn what solar freedom means to this aquaponic farm, and then join the co-op FREE!

Hear from a co-op member

Friday, July 17, 2020

Tim in Palisade, Colorado, is a happy new solar homeowner. He went solar at a group rate, with expert guidance through the Mesa County Solar Co-op!

Solar Story: Horizon Drive Car Wash

Friday, August 7, 2020

Horizon Drive Car Wash in Grand Junction, CO, is saving with solar! Hear how, and then join in by signing up for the co-op.

Solar co-op selects Atlasta Solar Center to installer solar electric systems for its members

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Mesa County, CO – Twenty-eight Mesa County families have joined together to learn about and go solar through a nonprofit solar co-op. After a competitive bidding process facilitated by Solar United Neighbors , members of the Mesa County Solar Co-op have selected Atlasta Solar Center to install solar systems for the group.

Solar United Neighbors issued a request for proposals to local installers in March. A selection committee of co-op members met online on April 9 to review bids and select a solar installer on behalf of the full group. The committee decided on Atlasta Solar Center after reviewing information about their pricing, quality, and service.

“In the last 20 years of my career, I was directly involved in the review of and response to hundreds of requests for proposals (RFP) from local, state, and federal agencies inviting bids on their civil engineering projects,” said Kevin Sabo of the Redlands, a member of the installer selection committee. “When I first read the RFP that Solar United Neighbors sent out for bid to all interested contractors, I was so impressed with how thorough the language was that not only did I want to participate in the installer selection committee but I was convinced we were going to easily ‘weed-out’ those unqualified firms because of our rigid requirements. And in the end, Atlasta Solar Center rose above all the rest.”

Atlasta Solar Center will provide each co-op member with an individualized proposal. This proposal will be based upon the member’s specific needs and priced at the group rate. By going solar as a group and choosing a single installer, members can save on the cost of going solar and have the support of fellow group members and experts at Solar United Neighbors.

“As the longest operating solar contractor on the Western Slope, we are honored to have been selected by the members of the Mesa County Solar Co-Op,” said Chris Campbell, senior project manager at Atlasta Solar Center. “We’re eager to help Western Colorado home and business owners switch to solar energy. Atlasta Solar Center is looking forward to serving the residents of our community through the Mesa County Solar Co-Op by providing high-quality solar panels and top-notch service, along with unprecedented pricing.”

Solar United Neighbors is collaborating with community partners to conduct local community outreach and education about the Mesa County Solar Co-op. One of those partners supporting the initiative is Western Colorado Alliance.

“The solar co-op is building a learning community around the benefits solar provides owners, and the installed projects will support local jobs and keep energy dollars in families’ pockets,” said Joel Dyer, regional organizer with Western Colorado Alliance. “This initiative is a win-win-win for Mesa County.”

Wendy Metzger is the owner of the small business Grand Valley Greens, growing over 100 tilapia and 240 sq. ft. of high density, high nutrient edible greens in her aquaponic facility. When she heard about the solar co-op through her church, she was eager to learn more.

“I was excited to find out more about how I could use solar power to strengthen and grow my small business,” said Metzger. “The company’s goal is to provide fresh nutritious greens and tilapia fish to the local community. To accomplish this year round in Colorado, we set up our aquaponic farm indoors within a controlled environment. Controlling the climate indoors takes energy, and solar will allow me to reduce my expenses. These savings will help my business and customers while supporting cultivation of local, fresh, and nutritious food.”

Merritt Kinsey, a co-op member who also served on the selection committee, had solar installed at his previous residence.

“My previous experience with solar was at our residence in The Seasons,” Kinsey said. “The system’s payback was quick, about 4.5 years, and we could see our power generation statistics daily. In most months our energy bill was zero dollars, and additional savings helped offset our gas costs. We are looking forward to having solar again as this is the right thing to do, and banding together as a solar co-op is a great idea!”

The Mesa County Solar Co-op is a group of homeowners and business owners who have organized to go solar through bulk purchasing. Hosted by the non-profit group Solar United Neighbors and supported locally in the Grand Valley by Western Colorado Alliance, the co-op is free to join and open to anyone in Mesa County who is interested in going solar.

The Mesa County Solar Co-op is open to new members until August 1. Mesa County residents interested in joining the co-op can learn more and sign up on the co-op web page . As a Colorado Licensed Electrical Contractor, Atlasta Solar Center is considered an essential business and is practicing social distancing with virtual estimates, limiting direct contact with customers throughout the process. Solar United Neighbors will hold a series of free online webinars to educate the community about solar energy and explain the co-op process. Meetings are scheduled for:

Solar 101: Informational Webinar
Tuesday, April 28, at 6:00 – 7:00 p.m.

Solar 101: Luncheon Webinar
Thursday, April 30, at 12:00 – 1:00 p.m.

About Atlasta Solar Center
Atlasta Solar Center has been serving the Western Slope of Colorado for forty-one years. As the longest operating solar company on the Western Slope, we are dedicated to providing our customers with a quality experience while assisting them in transitioning over to a new energy-efficient lifestyle. Our vision is one of businesses, homes, neighborhoods, communities, powered by the clean, sustainable energy of the sun at a cheaper cost.
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Joel Dyar
Regional Organizer
Western Colorado Alliance
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Matt Fowler
Marketing Manager
Atlasta Solar Center
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Bryce Carter
Colorado Program Director
Solar United Neighbors
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Co-op launched
January 15, 2020

Co-op organizer

Bryce Carter
Colorado Program Director
Solar United Neighbors

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