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Open to new participants

Columbus Area Solar & EV Charger Co-op

This co-op is open to residents of Franklin and Delaware counties.

138 members of 150 member goal

4 weeks left to join the co-op
Co-op closes to new participants on April 30, 2020

We bring homeowners together into a group, or co-op. We provide unbiased, installer-neutral support through each stage of the process of going solar. Our experienced team ensures you understand how solar works, how it can be financed, and how it can be installed on your home.

Co-ops take advantage of the group’s bulk-purchasing power to get discounted pricing and a quality installation. Co-op volunteers choose an installer on behalf of the entire group through an open and competitive bidding process. The selected installer provides everyone in the group with a personalized proposal for their consideration.

Watch the video below to learn more about our solar co-op process and its benefits, or view our FAQs.

Consulta nuestro FAQ para más información sobre la tecnología solar y el proceso de comprar e instalar su sistema solar.

Can’t make our info session?

Watch a recorded session for general information on solar, how co-ops work, and what to expect if you join.

How much does solar cost?

* 2% electricity price increase per year, 12.22 cents/kWh electricity rate, -0.5% panel degradation per year, 1,234 yearly production per 1kW of solar

Co-op organizer

Tristan Rader
Ohio Program Director
Solar United Neighbors

Tristan has made it his life’s work to further social, economic, and environmental justice. From working with NGOs in Africa to working in inner-city Cleveland, Ohio with the Greater Cleveland Food Bank, Tristan’s mission has always been to serve others. And the best way to serve others is to help people build their power. He has more than a decade of experience in community outreach, media, and organizing. He now brings this experience and his skills to bear to build Ohio’s community of solar supporters. Tristan spends a great deal of his free time engaged in his local community where he serves on multiple boards and as an elected member of Lakewood City Council. Tristan holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Kent State University and a Master’s in Public Administration from Cleveland State University.

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